Removal with laser makes it easier to, later on, make a new much better tattoo where the old one used to be, or just to adjust a past mistake…

There are several advantages with doing the treatment at a tattoo studio. One is the price – we charge about half of what an ordinary clinic charges. Another one is that you, together with our educated and experienced tattoo-artists, can talk about and plan your future cover-up and therefor not use the laser more than what is absolutely necessary.

To remove a tattoo completely is hard, and that is why we call the treatment “bleach”. We use this treatment to make it easier for an future cover-up, or, as good as possible, remove a tattoo completely. In the past years this line of work has increased significantly, also the number of “self educated artists”. This can have horrible consequenses and we often get customers who recently got a tattoo in poor quality who wants a cover-up. Before we had to use a large amount of black ink to be able to fix the old piece, but now, due to the laser, we can minimize the tattoo with great results.

A tattoo fades over time, and the color pigments slowly breaks down and transports to the lymphglands. A treatment with the laser is the same thing, only the process works much faster.

This picture shows a tattoo that has been worked on with laser 5 times;

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Latest uppdate 2014-02-08