Booking for Alvin

This email is STRICTLY for booking with Alvin. All email regarding the other guys or other stuff will be DELETED. If you want to book with him-please write in English :)

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Regarding Information/Updates - FACEBOOK

Dear customers, we would like you to pay extra attention to our Facebookpage, because that’s were we write the information about DROP-IN, if the guys would change their contact hours and other smaller information. Just so you won’t miss out on anything :)

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Johan Contact Hours

Johan won’t be having his contact hour open for a while (Fridays 9-10).
This because he is fully booked and is not taking in anything new at all right now, so the contact hour will open again when he starts to take new bookings :)

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Max Appointments

Max is booked this year.

To all of you who know that you have been put up on his list;
call on a Monday between 12-13 in the BEGINNING of September.

For the rest of you who would like to book something brand new;
we will write on Facebook when an update regarding this is done :)

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Johan's Appointments

Johan is not taking any bookings at all, indefinitely.

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For those of you who might have missed this; you can now follow Max, Johan, Marcus & Alvin on Instagram :)

MAX: eviltwinsmax
JOHAN: eviltwinsjohan
ALVIN: ionneedles & eviltwinsalvin
MARCUS: marcuseviltwins

And for those of you who are not using Instagram – you can look at their photos directly on your computer by simply writing “” followed by the name of the artist!

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